• Innovative educational and media practices for an inclusive and participatory Europe – Bridging the gap between university and non-formal education (INsPIrE) (European Union)
  • History of programming and television fiction programs in Spain (generalist channel): From deregulation to analog blackout, 1990-2010 (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness).
  • Social construction of women in television fiction and web 2.0: prototypes, reception and feedback (Ministry of Science and Innovation).
  • Analysis of youth identity construction in television fiction and new technologies (Ministry of Science and Innovation).
  • Social construction of women in television fiction: representations, reception and interaction through web 2.0. (Generalitat of Catalonia).
  • The representation of young people in Catalan and Spanish television fiction: construction of identities, attribution of social roles and correspondence with reality (Generalitat of Catalonia).
  • Obitel Spain: Ibero-American Television Observatory dedicated to the analysis of the production, programming and reception of the fictional contents of Ibero-America.
  • Research on television fiction consumption by young people. Ethnographic study in institutes of Catalonia through the completion of 1,400 closed questionnaires (Autonomous University of Barcelona).
  • Micro-Europe: Radio Campus Network (EU).