Deadline extended for 2nd International Conference on Intersemiotic Translation

2nd International Conference on Intersemiotic Translation TRANSMEDIAL TURN? POTENTIALS, PROBLEMS, AND POINTS TO CONSIDER will be taking place at the University of Tartu, Estonia, on 8 – 11th December 2020.  The deadline for call for papers was extended till the 15th of March.

The aim of this conference is to look at the various transmedial practices historically and in comparison with the changes that have taken place during the last decades as a result of an explosive surge in intermedial and transmedial practices. The discussion will seek to investigate potential ways to account for these changes theoretically and map the implications they might have on the level of practice. The conference intends to bring together scholars from various disciplines, which over the recent years have moved extensively beyond their traditional borders in terms of both their study objects and their approaches. We hope that such a joint effort will offer valuable insights to the conceptualisations of transmedial practices across different cultural contexts at different points in time and bridge theoretical as well as methodological gaps.

The discussion is going to be on the following:

  • The movement of texts across different times and different media: from intertextuality to intermediality, from intermediality to transmediality;
  • The analysis and mapping of transmedial processes and products;
  • Transmedial practices in translation and adaptation history;
  • Theoretical models and methods to account for transmedial phenomena across disciplines;
  • The potential to find common ground on terminology in media-centred discourses across disciplines;
  • The concepts of ‘translation’ and ‘adaptation’ revisited in the framework of transmediality;
  • Translators, adaptors, refractors: the network of agents involved in the production of transmedia;
  • Transmedial entanglements of literature, theatre, film etc. and their influence on the conceptualisation and practice of translation and adaptation;
  • Changes in the distinction between professional/non-professional and individual/collective in transmedial practices;
  • Power relations and ethics in transmedial practices.

Call for papers can be downloaded at this link .   To submit a proposal, please send an abstract (up to 300 words plus references) as a separate file (.docx or .rtf) to Please include names and institutional affiliations. Abstracts will be reviewed by the conference academic advisory board.