OBITEL Yearbook 2018 has been published

Obitel IngresThe 12th OBITEL Yearbook 2018 in Portuguese/Spanish version and the English version have been published. The theme of the year is ‘Ibero-American television fiction in video on demand platforms’. It is online and available for download on the OBITEL website: as well as on OFENT website.

The contribution to this Yearbook by OFENT director Charo Lacalle and members Beatriz Gómez, Mariluz Sánchez,
Cristina Pujol, Rosa Ferrer was “SPAIN: innovation and hybridization of genres and formats “, in Orozco, G. y Vasallo De Lopes, M.I. (eds.), OBITEL 2018: Ibero-American tv fIction on video on demand Platforms. OBITEL 2018. Porto Alegre, Editora Sulina, 2018, pp. 275-304